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Woke up very early this morning to a dripping sound outside the room I’m staying in.  With one of their roommates gone for the week on his own vacation trip, I get to enjoy a bed instead of the couch.  However, since it gets so cold here at night they don’t believe in air conditioning, so all the windows in the apartment are left open.  That didn’t bother me too much until I woke up at 5:30 to hear a dripping sound outside.  I tried to ignore it and fall back asleep, but that didn’t work.  Then I tried closing the windows in the room, but that didn’t help either.  Then I said “screw it” and just laid in bed until it was time to get up and get ready for our day at Magic Kingdom.

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Got up at 5:30 this morning (after packing until 1 am last night) to head to the airport for my flight to Florida.  Casey stayed over last night so she could give me a ride, so we got up early and headed out so I could begin my vacation.  I was exhausted when I collapsed into bed, but I was full of energy when my alarm went off.  With a flight to Florida waiting for me, how could I not be?

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