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I attended the Austin Film Festival over the weekend, with the sole intent of seeing only one of the featured films.  I rode down to Austin with my friends Jayme and Sarah to see the premiere of independent film “How To Be” starring Robert Pattinson.  Upon arriving we learned that the line for the 7:15 movie had already begun and it was only 12:30.  At that point we had to decide whether to sightsee around downtown Austin for a few hours, or get in line right away in hopes of getting into the movie – either choice required sacrifice.

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I’ve never really been much into television.  Granted, I’ve watched a lot of it in my years, but the majority of it has been random viewing or a small handful of carefully selected shows I’m willing to dedicate my time to.  When I was in high school the only two shows I cared if I missed were “Friends” and “Star Trek: Voyager“.  As my parents will testify, I wasn’t worth being around if I wasn’t able to watch them.  Then again, while I was in high school I wasn’t worth being around most of the time anyways.

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Over the past year or so I have endured a constant barrage of information from a friend regarding a certain series of books that have been out for quite a while now.  In preparation for the final installment of the series, she finally convinced me to read the first book of the series just to prove that she wasn’t crazy, and to prove to me that it really was as amazing as she had been claiming for so long.  With reluctance, I borrowed the first book, and thus began my downward spiral into “Twilight” oblivion.

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