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I started using a professional recruiter a little over a month ago to try and help me find a job.  Searching on my own was getting me nowhere; 4 months of unemployment and not a single interview.  The only offer I’d had was someone wanting me to drop out of school to work for beans.  Umm…no thanks.  The recruiter got a phone interview with a very reputable finance company in Dallas almost right away, but after the phone interview they never showed any interest and I was back to feeling hopeless again.  Soon after he managed to get me an in-person interview with yet another reputable financial company in Dallas and it went great.

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I can’t believe that it’s been almost two months since I last sat down to write.  When I first started this blog I didn’t foresee a time when weekly updates wouldn’t be the norm, but lately I’ve felt like I barely have time to get things done, let alone to sit down and babble about whatever’s on my mind.  It’s funny in a not-so-funny way, but ever since I lost my job and gained an extra 40 hours a week, I seem to have less time to get things done than before.  Did I somehow actually lose time?  Or has more just come up to fill in the gaps?  Or have I just lost the will to do anything but watch the hands on the clock spend ’round and ’round?

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I woke up this morning to find an email from a recruiter waiting for me saying that she’d seen my resume and was interested in speaking with me.  I emailed her back and then called a couple hours later to speak with her about a potential position she wanted to place me in.  It was a helpdesk position similar to what I’m doing now, but second tier instead of first level support like I’m suffering through currently.  I wasn’t too excited about it at first, but a job is a job and I told her I’d be willing to come in and discuss it in person.  She told me the salary range that the job offered, and it wasn’t quite I’m looking for in my next position, but again – I have rent to pay and can’t be too picky.  We scheduled the interview and I got off the phone feeling like I might at least have a position to fall back on if I don’t find anything better.  If only I’d known then not to get my hopes up.

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