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It’s Christmas again, and for once I actually feel like I’m in the spirit of things.  In the past I’ve barely tolerated the season, becoming a “Scrooge” of sorts, refusing to listen to Christmas music and never understanding the lengths people go to in order to decorate their homes.  While I didn’t go out caroling this year, nor did I put up any Christmas decorations, I did feel more cheery than normal.  A lot of things in my life have been moving in a positive direction lately, and it’s affecting my outlook on life I think.  I seem to be more optimistic, and I smile a lot more.  And for those moments when I felt angry and bitter at the world (usually these moments took place while at work), I actually realized it and tried to bring myself back to where I should be.  For once in my life, I actually appreciated Christmas for what it really means and enjoyed it.

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