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And now for blog #3, the last for today.  For the past year I have gone without a drop of alcohol.  No hard liquor or mixed drinks or any alcohol of any kind.  I started drinking before I was 21, not too often, but still more often than someone under the legal age should’ve been.  For whatever reason, I have a rather high tolerance for alcohol and don’t really feel the effects until quite a bit more than those around me.  That’s led to a few…drunken nights.  I’ve never done anything out of control or anything I’ve had to regret the next day, but I’ve admittedly made myself sick on more than one occasion.  After another such event last June, I decided to take a step back from alcohol for a little while, and that little while turned into a year.

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I went over to my cousin’s place last night for a nice relaxing evening of burgers and poker. Casey and Michael were having other company over as well, but I got there about an hour before anyone else and helped a little to get things ready. Once everyone arrived we set out the food and poured a few drinks for everyone. Michael and I decided that if we were gonna drink, we were gonna do it up right, so we pulled out the big gun right from the start – Bacardi 151. I’ve had a few casual drinks with friends over the past year, but it’s been a long time since I last got drunk. I sure can’t say that anymore.

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