I love it when people call IT to open a ticket for something, then call us back 2 and 3 times a day to check the status.  We haven’t forgotten you.  The system kicks us constant email reminders letting us know there are pending issues.  We don’t need you checking up on us like we’re toddlers getting into the paste.

I just got off the phone with someone who opened a ticket a couple days ago and called in to tell me that it should’ve been a simple fix and there’s no way it should take 2 days to resolve; add to that the fact that he said “there’s no way you’re that busy” and I have no more patience.

Fact is, we are “that busy” and it’s mostly due to people like him.  You want us to fix your issue?  Don’t call us 3 times a day asking us the status – that takes away time it could be being worked on.  Don’t berate us for taking long.  That lessens our motivation to help you any faster than we’re already moving.

And most importantly, don’t presume to know how busy we are.  While I’m on the phone with you, there are 3 calls holding right behind you waiting for my attention.  The irony is, the reason we’re so busy is people calling all the time when there aren’t actually issues.  About half the daily call volume at any IT helpdesk is people either complaining that something’s broken when they’re actually doing it wrong, or calling to check the status of something they reported 30 minutes ago.

I love working in IT, and I fully acknowledge the fact that I probably wouldn’t have a job if some people weren’t so completely inept, but there comes a time when it goes beyond customer service and into being a kindergarten teacher.  When I have to tell a half dozen people a day that they locked themselves out of an account because they had their caps lock on when typing their password, that’s too much.  It’s just too much.

And on that note…it’s back to work I go.