Today marks my two year anniversary with Keith. I’m sitting here wondering how it could be possible that it’s been two years since we found each other. It’s hard to remember times without him, and impossible to think of a future without him. I think of things that I still want to do in my life (and there’s a lot) and Keith is there in all my imaginings. He’s a solid fixture in my life and I like knowing that. Two years like a long time to some, but when I think about being with him it all seems to blur together. And in the best way possible.

We celebrated the two year anniversary of our first date a few weeks ago.  Had a nice dinner together and then came home and curled up on the couch to watch TV.  Nothing exorbitant or out of the ordinary for us, but it was nice to remember where it all started.  I remember our awkward start.  The conversations where we tried to find common topics to discuss.  The constant texting and butterflies in my stomach when he’d make me smile.  Before Keith I had gone out on a few dates, but never clicked with anyone.  There wasn’t even the thought that any of them could have been the one.  I knew before our first date that Keith was special, and he proved me right that first time we met and has kept proving it since.

I remember that we used to joke about not having any differences.  Every time one of us would bring up an interest, the other one jumped in and emphatically expressed their interest as well; it became a game with us to find something the other one didn’t like.  And what was so great is that to this day our differences don’t cause any rifts.  We each have things we enjoy that the other doesn’t necessarily want to share in, and that’s perfectly fine.  To be honest, I’ve seen those couples where they want to do absolutely everything together and I’m glad that’s not us.  I’m glad he has his separate interests and I enjoy having my own.  We bond over many things, but we both know that it doesn’t have to be everything. This is a man I can talk about Star Trek with.  A man who doesn’t think I’m ridiculous for still loving Pokemon.  A man who lights up when he tells me about his favorite episodes of Power Rangers.  A man who wakes me up every morning with a kiss, and tells me he loves me every night before bed.  He’s everything I used to think I would want someday, and so much more.

Over the years he’s met my dad and much of his side of the family, and likewise I’ve met his parents and enjoyed many homemade meals at their home.  Keith’s father has always frowned on him being gay, but even with that being said he has welcomed me into their home and treated me as a guest many times over.  He’s laughed with me and even discussed sports with me (the shocker is that for the most part I was able to keep up my side of the conversation).  I know that his personal opinion doesn’t agree with our relationship, but in spite of that he treats his son and me as human beings and has come to accept me as a part of his family.  Keith’s mother on the other hand has been amazing and wonderful to me since the first time I was invited over.  She is clearly where Keith gets his sense of humor, and seeing their dynamic together makes me wish that I had that same bond.

Everyone who’s met Keith has always told me how obvious it is that we’re good for each other.  Whenever I go somewhere without Keith I never hear the end of it from some of my friends who love his company as much as they love mine.  He’s a permanent fixture in my life and they know it, and they want to make sure he knows that they want him around too.  It warms my heart to hear people ask me how he’s doing, or to tell him they say hello.  My youngest brother adores Keith and loves it when he comes to visit.  The bond they have is so special and seeing them laugh and hang out is very important to me.  I can’t imagine having someone in my life that I didn’t want to introduce to my family or friends.

We’ve discussed getting a house together in the next 6 months.  We’ve discussed children in our future.  These are things that I know will happen one way or another, it’s just a matter of getting there.  But if these past two years are any indication of how happy we’ll be in the years to come, I can’t wait to see what’s next.  I love you Keith.