Once again, I’ve put off blogging for as long as possible, and now I have a ton of things to write about all at once.  I have three distinct ideas in mind, each of which will get their own post.  Keep up if you can, I’ll try to keep it interesting.  But I’ll start with the one that’s most important to me, and that’s Keith.  We’ve been together for over a year and a half now, and a little over a month ago we decided to take a big step forward, and so we moved in together.

We’d been discussing it for a long time, but the timing never really lined up in a way that would allow both of us to move out of current apartments and into a new one.  So when my apartment lease ended last year, I renewed it just long enough so that it’d end at the same time as Keith’s thus giving us the chance to either move in together at that point, or at least be on the same lease schedule so we could move in together in the future.  Luckily, April was the month to be, and everything kinda fell into place.

We got our places packed.  Well…he got his place packed, and I got mine somewhat packed, and then stayed up all night the day before the big move.  I still didn’t get close to finishing, and with 3 hours of sleep that night I was utterly exhausted during moving day.  Luckily we had movers to do all the work for us, and we just moved a few things that we didn’t want them to mess with like our computers and his LED TV, and a few other things.  Once they were all done, we both spent the next few days getting our old places emptied entirely of what the movers didn’t move for us, and then cleaned, and then we finally were able to call it quits and settle into our new home together.

We now live comfortably in a three bedroom apartment with a two car garage, and over 1600 square feet of living space.  🙂  It’s marvelous.  The only downside we’ve really noticed over the past month and a half has been how hard it is to keep this place cool; one side of the apt faces east, and the other faces west, so we catch the sun all day long.  We’re going to be investing in curtains as soon as possible, no doubt about that.  Other than that we had some trouble with the complex’s management team and maintenance guys when we first moved in, but things seem to have settled down and we at last have reliable hot water and a microwave that doesn’t take 10 minutes to cook spaghettios.

It’s been an adjustment to say the least, but one I’ve embraced and enjoyed every day.  We’ve had a few arguments, but nothing serious.  We’ve clashed on a few things, but again, nothing that turned into a big fight.  I really think Keith and I know how to talk to each other and work through things without making a big deal out of it, and it’s really helped us in our relationship so far.  Living with him has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.  Coming home to see his car already in the garage, and seeing him on the couch or in the dining room still makes me smile.  I love not having to ask “who’s place are we gonna hang out at tonight” because now it’s our place.