And now for blog #3, the last for today.  For the past year I have gone without a drop of alcohol.  No hard liquor or mixed drinks or any alcohol of any kind.  I started drinking before I was 21, not too often, but still more often than someone under the legal age should’ve been.  For whatever reason, I have a rather high tolerance for alcohol and don’t really feel the effects until quite a bit more than those around me.  That’s led to a few…drunken nights.  I’ve never done anything out of control or anything I’ve had to regret the next day, but I’ve admittedly made myself sick on more than one occasion.  After another such event last June, I decided to take a step back from alcohol for a little while, and that little while turned into a year.

While I don’t intend to avoid alcohol the same way forever, I do think it’s wise to shy away from the over indulgences of my “youth”.  I’ve never considered myself an alcoholic by any means of the imagination, but the times that I did drink it was almost always more than I should’ve.  Now I’m just going to be more careful.  Fun can be had without going so far as to losing control.  My dad bought me three bottles of liquor over two years ago, and two of those bottles have still yet to be opened.  I kinda feel like I’m trying to justify myself and prove that I’m not an alcoholic, when in reality I don’t think I should have to.  I just know that sometimes appearances can be deceiving, and I want to be very clear on this.

I’ve made some stupid decisions regarding alcohol in the past, something I hope to not perpetuate again in the future.  I’m in no rush to run out and drink now that year has passed, but I also won’t feel the need to pass whenever a friend asks me if I want to go out for a drink or have a margarita with dinner.  I can have fun within limits.  I just have to outline those limits for myself, and stick to them, something I know I can do.

The year without alcohol is over, but that doesn’t mean a year of drunken debauchery is beginning.  It just means that the first time I have alcohol after so long, I better be prepared to be knocked on my ass from one or two drinks.