I know it’s been a long time since my last update, so let me first apologize for my absence and promise to try harder to be more present on my blog.  I’ve had tons of things happen over the past few months that should’ve been written about, but I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and hash it out.  But a few weeks ago, while I was browsing the news feed on Facebook, I saw someone that I went to middle school with had posted a link to an obituary.  When I clicked the link and read the obituary, I realized it was someone I had gone to school with all those years ago, and I just read the article in shock.

I didn’t really know the kid when we went to school together.  And to be completely honest, what I did know of him I didn’t like.  I was picked on a lot as a child, teased for being smart and quiet and not athletic, and I distinctly remember this kid being one of the many who bullied me.  But sitting there and reading that he’d died, I felt like I would cry.  I don’t know why.  Obviously the loss of any human life is something to be somber about, but I hadn’t seen or thought of him in almost a decade – why would his death be causing me such emotional turmoil?

As I sat there I realized that I was being confronted with my own mortality.  His obituary didn’t say what he’d died of, so I was left in the dark and unwilling to contact anyone who knew him to ask the question of them.  Was it a car crash?  Was it medical?  Was it drugs?  Did anyone even know?  I have no clue, and it’s truly not important.  What is important is that it made me realize that I’m not guaranteed to live to be 80.  I can’t walk around sure of the fact that I’m going to grow old and live a lengthy and productive life.  Because there is no guarantee.  This guy learned that the hard way unfortunately, and his passing helped to make me realize it as well.

I guess we all just need to realize that we take life for granted.  I know I do at least.  I don’t give much thought to the fact that tomorrow could be the end; I guess that’s for the best, because if you get too wrapped up in that kind of morbid thinking, it could be what ultimately kills you.  But I do think it’s healthy and wise to be aware of the fact that not everybody makes it to the grand finish line of life.  Some people are going to stumble halfway, and some don’t make it past the starting line.  I’m lucky to have gotten this far, and I’m gonna do my best to make sure I make it to the end.  One  thing is certain though – as competitive as I am in most areas of life, this is one race I have no intention of finishing first.