Today was the first day at the new job, and as of this morning I couldn’t decide what to feel.  Nervous?  Excited?  Scared?  Prepared?  I didn’t know.  I only knew the bare minimum of the job description, and had never even been inside the building since I’d been hired based on a phone interview and a recommendation from a friend who already works there.  I woke up early this morning to make sure I had time to shave and eat breakfast and still have a few minutes to sit still before heading off to work for the first time in 8 months.  When I pulled into the parking lot this morning I was ready.  I had every intention of facing the day head on and making it great.

And I did just that.  I met my manager and my coworkers (one of which I knew from Citigroup and had been looking forward to seeing ever since I found out about the job), sat through multiple meetings and training sessions, and then was thrown onto my computer to get to work.  I have email, a phone, and a tiny little half-cubicle that nobody else wanted but that I’m perfectly happy to stay in until something bigger is available.  🙂

It’s gonna be a great job.  I can already tell that even though things may seem a little tedious, that I’m going to enjoy myself at this company.  I’ll do my best at everything I do and try to keep my head up and look on the bright side of every situation.  I was unemployed for 8 months – I’m just happy to get my foot back in the door somewhere.

I stopped at Walmart on my way home today and picked up a few little things I’d like for my desk that I can’t really request from the supply room at work.  Organizers and such.  I’m gonna make myself comfortable.  I intend to be there for quite a while.