I started using a professional recruiter a little over a month ago to try and help me find a job.  Searching on my own was getting me nowhere; 4 months of unemployment and not a single interview.  The only offer I’d had was someone wanting me to drop out of school to work for beans.  Umm…no thanks.  The recruiter got a phone interview with a very reputable finance company in Dallas almost right away, but after the phone interview they never showed any interest and I was back to feeling hopeless again.  Soon after he managed to get me an in-person interview with yet another reputable financial company in Dallas and it went great.

The interview was in the Renaissance Tower in Dallas taking place on one of the uppermost floors.  I could swear their elevators are Star Trek-like turbolifts, seeing as how the elevator moved dozens of floors in a matter of seconds.  I’d be anxious to see a diagram of how fast it actually moves, and probably wouldn’t want to ride again.  I was a little early (though the recruiter had told me to be there at 10 a.m. originally, the night before he sent me an email with directions and told me to be there at 9 which I received the morning of the interview and luckily had enough time to quickly get ready and depart) and waited in the lobby for HR to come retrieve me.

I was escorted to yet another upper floor and introduced to the interviewer, the man who would potentially someday become my direct manager.  He was incredibly nice and casual and the interview lasted for over an hour and a half.  He asked me a few technical questions to gauge my expertise and I actually managed to answer them all.  I remember one interview years ago where I was asked how to locate a network resource from a command prompt; the word “ping” eluded me and I stupidly stumbled around for a couple minutes trying to describe the simplest of network protocols.  Suffice it to say, I never heard back from that company and have since then been terrified of technical interviews.  After this recent interview however, I am much more confident about them.

As the technical aspect finished, we began casually chatting and the fact that I have an iPhone came up in the conversation.  His face lit up and he let me know that his entire team (him and 3 subordinates) all have iPhones, and that would make me the final piece of the puzzle.  I laughed and did backflips mentally – maybe this was my way in!  He did mention that he has no love for Apple products in general though, only the iPhone, so I kept my mouth shut on the fact that I own two Macs and no Windows machines.  🙂

It ended well and he told me not to expect to hear back for at least a week due to a number of other interviews he had to conduct.  I thanked him, left, and heard nothing for almost two weeks.  Then the recruiter called me and told me they wanted me in for a second interview.  Upon my arrival to that interview, the front desk receptionists told me that they don’t ever have anyone back if they don’t really like them, so this must mean good things for me.  For the second go around I met not only with my would-be direct manager, but his manager as well.  The meeting only lasted 30 minutes and was a little more intense and less casual.  They both asked me a few questions and admitted to being impressed with my answers.  I felt that everything went well, and left confident that I’d done my best.

I talked to my recruiter yesterday and he told me that the company has narrowed it down to me and one other candidate.  It’s the final lap of the race, and I’m pushing my neck out as far as it can possibly go without tripping before the finish line.  I want this job.  I need this job.  They’re supposed to be making a decision this week, which pretty much means they have until tomorrow to decide and inform the candidate of their choosing.  Supposedly.  This is all according to the information my recruiter has, so it may not be exactly accurate.

I’m going a little crazy.  I’ve been unemployed for almost five whole months now.  I’m tired of it.  I really hope I’m what this company wants because it sure sounds like the kind of place I could fit in.  Hopefully I’ll know tomorrow.