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Life has been a little crazy lately.  I was laid off from my full-time job effective the end of December, and have had no luck in my ongoing search for new employment since then.  The only thing keeping me from having a panic attack is the fact that I am on severance pay until the end of February.  However, come March I will have no income rolling in and that’s when the real panicking starts.  I made the decision recently to begin seriously pursuing beginning my own IT consulting business.  I’ve pondered names, domains, clients, and everything the business would entail, and must admit to being very overwhelmed.  But it’s something I want to do, so I started the research.  I just renewed the lease on my apartment for 6 months with the goal of getting a house come summer if my consulting business is successful.  But then I was informed that you can’t qualify for a mortgage if you’re self-employed unless you have 2 years of records showing sustainable income.  By summer I’ll be lucky if I have 6 months of records.  So I had to choose:  do I pursue my own consulting business and begin doing what I’ve wanted to do all along, or do I try harder to re-enter Corporate America and thus qualify for a mortgage later this year?  I can’t do both.  So which do I sacrifice, and which do I pursue?

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It’s that time of year again.  December has turned over into January, and a new year is on the rise.  It’s refreshing yet frightening.  One can never tell what the new year will hold, but I am going to try to remain optimistic.  Then again, that’s cutting into my so-to-say “resolutions” that I’ve laid out for myself.  Each year I set some down for myself, and each year I forget all about them before February.  I suppose that’s typical.  That’s why this year I don’t want to make them strict and specific.  Just ideals that I want to hold myself to.

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