I woke up this morning to find an email from a recruiter waiting for me saying that she’d seen my resume and was interested in speaking with me.  I emailed her back and then called a couple hours later to speak with her about a potential position she wanted to place me in.  It was a helpdesk position similar to what I’m doing now, but second tier instead of first level support like I’m suffering through currently.  I wasn’t too excited about it at first, but a job is a job and I told her I’d be willing to come in and discuss it in person.  She told me the salary range that the job offered, and it wasn’t quite I’m looking for in my next position, but again – I have rent to pay and can’t be too picky.  We scheduled the interview and I got off the phone feeling like I might at least have a position to fall back on if I don’t find anything better.  If only I’d known then not to get my hopes up.

I got a call later in the afternoon from one of her coworkers asking me some more detailed questions about my current duties.  He was more interested in the kinds of applications I support, if I do anything with hardware which I answered in the affirmative.  He then quizzed me on a few more things, then touched on the fact that my resume doesn’t focus on my helpdesk roles, but more on the the other things I’ve done.  To which I thought, “why would ‘answers phones and responds to email’ belong on my resume?”  I focused on the more describable roles like writing training documentation, conducting training sessions, taking on support of new applications, etc.  He told me I need to revise it in order to appeal to this position, which I agreed to do.  I made the changes and emailed it back to him awaiting his response.

He called me shortly after and told me that it looked okay, but he was concerned about my school status.  My resume states that I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree, and he didn’t care for that.  Apparently the position I’m being considered for requires a rotating schedule which is not flexible to be worked around school.  I told him that my schedule isn’t set yet, but that I’d only need one or two nights a week to be free for a few hours, but he still didn’t like that.  He then proceeded to tell me he’d increase the salary they were offering me by a few thousand dollars if I agreed to drop out of school.  Yup.  He told me that he’d pay me more if I’d stop going to school.  I said no.  He told me it decreased my chances of getting the position, but that he’d forward it on to the hiring manager anyways.

I got a call less than an hour later letting me know that the hiring manager really liked my resume and that my skills are exactly what they’re looking for, but that they won’t budge on the matter of me going to school.  He told me the manager has employees already working for her that want to go back to school but are forbidden from doing so because their schedules won’t allow it.  So if current employees get no wiggle room, neither would I as a new hire.  Either I drop out, or I don’t get the job.  I told them thanks but no thanks and that I wasn’t interested any longer.  Any job that would specifically tell me to drop out of school is not a job I want to take.  That’s ridiculous that a company would specifically want their employees to not go to school to better themselves.

So I’m bummed that my potential interview didn’t pan out, but even if it had the job wouldn’t have been worth taking.  Hopefully the rest of the potential job offers aren’t like this.  Then again, I’m just hoping that there are other job offers.