Today is the big day – Election Day 2008.  People are turning out in record numbers.  More voters have taken advantage of early voting than in the past, and even more are lined up at the moment ready to cast their vote for their favorite of the presidential candidates.  By tonight the next President of the United States will be announced.  McCain offers up his years of experience, but Obama offers change.  It’s Republican vs. Democrat and it makes me sick.  Why don’t we just call it what it is?  American vs. American.  Instead of actually talking about the issues and making real progress in this country, we just compete against each other and try to come out on top.  And that’s exactly why I’m not voting this year.

I voted in the 2004 election, and I’m sad to say it was for Bush instead of Kerry.  At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do.  We were in the middle of the war with Iraq and I didn’t think Kerry was suited to take on that situation and handle it in the best way for our soldiers and our country.  However, I stupidly believed Bush would be able to get his head out of his ass and fix it himself, but that was horribly dumb of me.  He’d just keep throwing soldiers and dollars at it, all the while pretending things were going to be resolved soon.  It’s 4 years since the last election and I won’t pretend things haven’t improved in Iraq, but I also won’t delude myself into thinking that we’re going to be pulling out anytime soon.  It’s idiocy.

The campaigning for this election has gone on for a record 21 months and I am so glad it will be over by tonight.  I’m tired of Obama this and McCain that.  I’m worn down.  Exhausted.  They’ve campaigned America to death and now I just don’t care.  Over time I’ve watched as it became more and more apparent that while this election will most likely have the greatest voter turnout in history, it will mainly be because all the uninformed Americans are going to come out to vote on the trendy candidate.

Each presidential candidates are supporters of things I support, and in opposition of things I oppose.  I wonder if they truly support and oppose all the things they campaign for.  Does Obama really care about Universal Healthcare?  Does McCain truly feel that certain types of guns should be banned from public purchase?  Do they both really oppose a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage?  How many of their standpoints have been decided for them based on the party they’re running for?

That’s why frustrates me about our government system.  If you’re for gay marriage, you can’t possibly be a Republican.  If you’re against abortion, you can’t possibly be a Democrat.  There’s no in between.  You’re one or the other, or you’re laughably considered an “independent” or “liberal”.  What’s even worse is that the big competition isn’t limited to just Republicans versus Democrats – it’s in-house as well!  For quite a while everyone was convinced Senator Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential nominee, but then Obama campaigned as well and it was Democrat vs. Democrat until Clinton realized she wasn’t going to win the battle and gracefully stepped down.  Would I have voted for Clinton?  I don’t know.  But it irked me that it got to the point that even if I wanted to I wouldn’t be able to.  Why?  Because the electoral colleges threw their support behind Obama and Clinton was left in the dust.

It’s trendy voting.  If you gathered up 100 people who intend to vote for Obama and 100 who intend to vote for McCain and gave them a pop-quiz on the issues each candidate supports, I can almost guarantee you that half the people would fail the quiz.  Which of the candidates supports ANWR drilling?  Neither.  Which is in support of the Patriot Act?  Both.  Which one thinks minimum wage should be increased?  Obama.  Which one thinks same-sex unions aren’t a good idea, but wants to leave the decision up to the states (so he can avoid taking the backlash for the decision)?  McCain.  And who thinks it’s a bad idea to erect a border fence to prevent illegal immigration?  Neither.

Both candidates have ideals I support.  Both candidates have ideals I oppose.  That’s the difficult decision every American must wrestle with before choosing who he or she wants to place into a position of power.  But many Americans this year will be making the trendy decision.  Obama because he says he likes change.  McCain because he’s patriotic and wants to continue the war until we’ve “won”.  Obama because he’s African American.  McCain because his vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, is just oh-so-cute and a real American like us.  Blah blah blah blah blah.  Uninformed trendy voting everywhere!

I think it’s ridiculous that there has to be such a clear division between the two parties.  One party always blames the other for anything wrong.  The democrats all blame the republicans for the war because the president is republican.  The republicans all blame the democrats for the economic crisis because they’re the house majority right now.  Neither side accepting blame or truly working to make things better, just pointing fingers and dodging bullets.  I said it once and I’ll say it again – they’re all a bunch of little monkeys flinging poo.  Not doing anything of real value, just trying not to get hit themselves.

Were I to vote in this election, I wouldn’t be voting for the candidate I like more, I’d be voting the candidate I dislike least.  At this point, I couldn’t be any more frustrated with either one winning, so good luck America.  Either way, the next 4 years are going to be very interesting.