After taking a not-long-enough nap, I got back up and got ready once more to head out for the afternoon/evening.  We got to Magic Kingdom just after 6 o’clock and got through the ticket lines and provided a special wristband that would allow us to remain the park after the 7 o’clock closing time.  We then roamed around a little while to kill time until the park emptied of general admissions guests, and then the real fun of the evening began.

The first place we went to was the scenic picture shot of Cinderella’s coach.  While Cinderella herself wasn’t present, the coach was beautiful and we wanted to make sure we got it while there was still a little natural light left in the sky.  We met a couple of Dan and Josh’s friends in the line, so we got to chit-chat while we waited.

After getting our pictures taken with the coach we made our way over to catch Princess Aurora with Prince Phillip, as well as Cinderella with Prince Charming.  That’s what’s so amazing about the Halloween party – you meet characters that never show up anywhere else and it’s one of the few times of the year they do so.  The princes are often in the shows  that the parks put on, but never individually meet with guests to take pictures.  This time they did, and it was really amazing to see the characters play their part beautifully, hanging on each other with love in their eyes, just as any Prince should treat his Princess.

Then we caught Mickey and Minnie individually, Minnie dressed as a sorceress I believe, and Mickey as a vampire bat, though Dan astutely pointed out that he looked more like a pimp.  I could see it too, but who am I to point it out?  It was enough that we noticed.  Made waiting in line more interesting.  What was even more funny was that when we reached him, Mickey obviously recognized the three of us and tried to communicate that.  However, since Mickey can’t speak, it was a miniature version of charades.  He was vehement about it and wouldn’t stand still for a picture until Josh realized he was referring to Animal Kingdom, and put two and two together to realize that this Mickey was the same one we met earlier in the afternoon in a completely different park.  Once Mickey was satisfied we understood him, he gladly settled down for a few pictures.

Because of the Halloween theme, the entire park was filled with candy stations where you could “trick or treat” for candy.  We were happy to oblige, and ended up with a bag of candy each at the end of the night.  We cut up to the front of the park for the Villains stage show, the main reason I wanted to come to the Halloween Party in the first place.  I recorded the whole thing on video (over 7 minutes long) and it was absolutely stunning.  Starring the deliciously evil Malleficent from Sleeping Beauty, she started the show and then brought on a large number of other Disney villains to assist in the show.  When it was over, I was just stunned at how amazing it was, and also privileged to know that nobody else gets to see these villains unless they come to special exclusive party like this one.  It was good to feel so special.

We backed away from the castle stage a little to watch the fireworks show special to the Halloween party, “Happy HalloWishes”.  Between the music and the brief story and the fireworks themselves, I felt it outshined even the masterful Magic Kingdom normal fireworks show “Wishes”.  We caught the end of another Villains show, and this time at the end they all came out into the crowed to take pictures.  Josh and Dan told me to pick one or two favorites because they wouldn’t stay out long, so I did and we started waiting.

I picked Jafar first and the picture of the two of us was darkly wonderful.  Afterwards we hopped over to the line for the Snow Queen and even managed to meet her too.  We were all convinced the lines would be cut soon and the villains leaving, but we hopped into the line for Malleficent on the off chance that she’d be out a few moments longer and we’d catch her.

We did.

I was giddy.

Josh was sure the luck wouldn’t continue, but I dragged him and Dan back to the other side of the stage to meet Judge Frollo and the Queen of Hearts, and got both of them with time to spare.  I almost got back into line for Cruella de Vil, but the music for the upcoming parade had already begun, and we all realized then that they’d be escaping quickly, which they did.

The parade was also amazing and well worth watching.  We caught a few more characters (Rafiki, Baloo, Tarzan & Jane, Aladdin & Jasmine) before heading back to the apartment for the night.  We got out of the park around midnight and got home and practically collapsed.  My clothes are all over the floor and I’m not the least bit packed, yet I’ll be getting up first thing in the morning and throwing it all together quickly so I can catch a late morning flight.  All this…and yet I’m still online at 2 am blogging and posting pictures.  What’s wrong with me?  I need sleep so badly right now.  I need a vacation from vacation.

Tomorrow/later today…home!