Got off to a nice start this morning with a good breakfast of Rice Crispies, then headed out to EPCOT for the park’s opening.  Today it was only Dan and I and we had a blast just roaming all over the park.  We mostly retraced our steps from last year and ended up doing so in a very short amount of time.  The swearing parents and derogatory grandparents we encountered just made the laughs keep coming all day long.  Even when it started pouring, we didn’t let it keep us down.  The one thing that did bother me all day though was that I hadn’t thought it’d be that windy, so I didn’t put anything in my hair.  Big mistake.  My hair was wild and crazy all day long, and just about every picture we took all day proves it.  Oh well.

As soon as the park opened this morning we rushed straight to Character Spot where you can meet a large number of the characters consecutively and get pictures with each.  What Dan didn’t tell me last year is that the first people in each morning get a picture with the whole group together.  Nobody else does all day long because as soon as that first group shot is taken, all the characters spread out to their individual posts and stay that way from then on.  Well…we made it in first!  Dan was really excited, as was I, when we got the group shot with all of them, and then our individual pictures as well.  Belle greeted us on the way out, so that was a nice surprise as well.

We then went and did Soarin’ which is the biggest attraction at EPCOT.  It was magnificent.  Awe inspiring.  It makes you really appreciate all the natural beauty all around you from the snowy mountains to the waves on a beach at sunset, and I took a moment to just thank God that we have such wonders to see in this world.

We fiddled around on that end of the park for a little while longer before making our way over to the Showcase area of the park where you roam through many different regions of the world.  That’s where most of the characters were and we got a couple that we didn’t catch last year, and missed a few that we had previously caught.  It was all a ton of fun.

Especially when, while waiting for Aladdin and Jasmine to come out and join the Genie for pictures, we heard a grandmother from the family behind us yell “boo” because it was just Genie by himself at the moment, and then the mother of the children (who were right there next to her) said, while holding a beer, “F the Genie!”  Such class.

The closing fireworks show for EPCOT is called Illuminations and it was fantastic.  Josh and Dan and I were debating whether or not it’s better than Magic Kingdom’s Wishes program, and I still don’t know which I like better.  Wishes was constant almost the whole time and had nice music and a bigger finale, but Illuminations had a far better opening, even if it did have a long drag period in the middle.  I think it’s a toss-up.  However, Dan tells me that I should hold back on deciding until I see the fireworks show at the Halloween party we’ll be attending at Magic Kingdom on Sunday night.  Final decision will be announced then.

Tomorrow…Hollywood Studios!