The allergy ninjas are dwindling in their numbers, but still managing to catch me off guard with a good bout of sneezes and an insatiable need to rub my eyes.  No longer do I wake up in the middle of the night running to grab tissues for my nose, but I do still wake up every morning practically unable to breathe.  I bought some Zyrtec and Sudafed a few weeks ago to help me with my congestion and scratchy throat and so forth, and they seemed to work for a little while.  Then I ran out and made a quick trip to the pharmacy to get some more.  Little did I realize that doing so would make me pop up in the system as a potential drug addict.

When I got to the pharmacy I asked for some more Sudafed, and decided to switch out the Zyrtec with Claritin to see if it worked any better.  The lady spent almost 5 minutes trying to ring me up for the medicine, and eventually handed them back to me and told me the system wouldn’t let her ring up both, and I’d have to choose one or the other.  When I asked why, she explained that purchasing both would put me over my allotted “gram limit” for the 30 day period since my last purchase.  Huh?

Apparently this is why they make you provide your driver’s license when purchasing medicine of any kind.  When I last bought my allergy medicine the system made a note of what I was purchasing and how much of it there was.  So when I went back on Tuesday to buy more, the system flagged it and said that I was purchasing too much in too short a time period, and that usually means I’m not actually using the medicine for it’s intended purposes, but to get high somehow.  Fantastic.  Having allergies makes me look like an junkie now.  Probably didn’t help that my eyes were bloodshot and I kept having to sniff loudly just to breathe.

In the end I had to decide just to get the Claritin so that I could remain under my “gram limit” for the month.  If someone is poor enough and inventive enough to need to make narcotics of any kind using allergy medicine, I say just let them.  They must have very sad lives and they need all the help they can get making it better.  Don’t make those of us legitimitely sick and miserable suffer by not giving us the medicine we need to get through the day simply on the offchance that we might do something inappropriate with the medication.  My sinuses can’t take much more, and now I’m just gonna have to tough it out.  Thank you very much to whoever thought up that idiotic rule.