The 2008 Vice Presidential debate was on tonight. The “first and only” of such debates as the moderator described it. And after watching the first 30 minutes of it, I can’t tell you how glad I am that it won’t be happening again. I got so frustrated with how the “debate” was proceeding that I actually turned it off and left my apartment to take a walk, and when I came home and turned it back on the first thing I heard was Sarah Palin talking about nuc-u-lar weapons. The word is NUCLEAR. What is it about this word that seems to be difficult for both her and our current grammatically challenged president? If you can’t say it, you shouldn’t have the power to enact it.

When I first sat down to watch the debate I was actually looking forward to it.  I honestly had no clue it was going to be on tonight because – quite frankly – I didn’t care and had no interest in keeping up with the daily happenings of the presidential campaign.  However, once I realized I’d have to change the channel to avoid it, I decided that it might be worth watching.  How wrong I was.

It was not so much a professional debate as it was watching two grown adults squabble like children.  “No, what I said was…”  “Well, 8 years ago you said this…”  “Well last week you insinuated this…”  “Well a couple minutes ago you misrepresented that…”  I got so tired of it, and so did the moderator from what I could gleam of her few words.  She would address a question to the two candidates, and they’d sidestep and address a comment the other candidate had made during the previous round of questions.  During their tirade of defending themselves and tearing down the other, neither got around to answering quite a few of the new questions posed to them.  The moderator tried to reign them in, but they’d have none of it.  They would’ve been better suited in a child’s bouncy house with big cushioned boxing gloves on than in formal attire in front of the nation.

Biden would defend Obama and tear down McCain while Palin provided glowing praise of McCain and criticized Obama.  They went back and forth in this patter until I couldn’t remember the actual question that was even being discussed because they were referencing passed bills and proposed tax reforms that happened so many years ago, constantly trying to guide the conversation to a topic that made their presidential candidate look better.  Granted, I’m not so dumb as to not realize this is the whole point of the debate, but it was gone about utterly wrong and was a supreme disappointment to watch.

I’m embarrassed that these are the two choices I have to vote for.  Luckily, neither is the presidential candidate, but I’m afraid to tune in and watch an Obama vs. McCain debate for fear that it will be the same circus if not worse.  I dread the next two months leading up to the election.  The campaigning is only to get more intense.  If they were monkeys, they’d be flinging poo at this point.  If I were you, I’d duck and cover.