Sometimes I wonder if being stupid would get me farther in life.  I often look around and can’t help but notice some of the stupidest people in positions of power.  I used to imagine the corporate world as a place where everyone worked together towards a common goal of making their company greater overall and learning about themselves in the process.  I was so very wrong.

I ofter wonder if being smart holds me back.  I work in an IT/helpdesk role that supports tens of thousands of users within a global corporation.  I work on a team with some other incredibly smart and talented individuals, and we’re all good at what we do.  But there are days when it seems like the people we’re supporting are completely incapable of functioning on their own or reading to solve a problem rather than calling for help at the drop of a hat.  The analytical part of me just doesn’t comprehend that.

I could never race to someone else for the answer anytime something goes wrong – I’d be afraid of looking stupid.  I’d research it, look around, maybe ask a friend, pretty much doing everything in my power to resolve my own issue before I spend the time calling a helpdesk for assistance.  And even if I did have to call for help, I would never be as rude as some of the people I have to deal with on a daily basis.

To clarify this, I am not in any way saying I have a problem with people asking for help.  I do it frequently.  There is nothing embarrassing about having to admit you don’t know everything.  However, there is something to be said for making an effort before you make someone else do it for you.  I have nothing against naivety, but I absolutely despise blatant stupidity and voluntary idiocy.  That is, I strongly dislike those who make the conscious choice not to ever try to better themselves, always relying on others to pick up the slack.  These are the people I support.  These are the people with salaries 4 times what I make.  These are the faces behind Corporate America.

This is why I’m going to strive my lower my intelligence.  Perhaps if I appear stupid I’ll someday rise to a position of power instead of being subjugated into a role that supports those with influence.