I’m almost positive my allergies are out to kill me.  For eleven months out of the year they lay dormant, silently waiting for the opportunity to strike.  And then BAM – September arrives and every year I’m knocked on my ass.  Every year around this time I’m miserable for about a month, and then October starts and I’m good to go for another eleven months.  At this very moment I’m sneezing constantly and seriously considering stuffing tissue up my nose to make it stop running.  I’m drugged up to no effect, and I’m starting to wonder if the medicine only serves to make me woozy enough for the allergy ninjas to sneak up on me and do their worst…

I’m taking some over the counter medicine right now for my allergies, and drinking a swig of Dayquil every few hours, all to no effect.  Last year I went to a pharmacy and asked for the absolute strongest allergy medicine I could get without a prescription, and the pharmacist looked at me like I was gonna take it home to grind into powder and then snort it.  Because of the strength of the medication I had to fill out a form with all my information, then I went home and happily took the desired dosage.  Didn’t help much, but it took the edge off for a while.

What’s really driving me crazy though is that it’s worse at work than anywhere else, including outside.  In fact, when I leave the office and step outside, my allergies almost immediately clear up and I can breathe again.  Somehow it’s worse inside than anywhere else.  I had a little trouble breathing at home this weekend, but my nose wasn’t running and I was not constantly sneezing either, so my allergies really do tend to concentrate themselves at work.

Someday when I’m considerably wealthy and not working in the corporate world, I’ll simply take off to some other part of the world during September.  Then again, I don’t intend to still be in Texas for the rest of my life, so for all I know I’ll move somewhere else and my allergy ninjas will choose another month of the year to attack.  Stupid ninjas.