Over the past year or so I have endured a constant barrage of information from a friend regarding a certain series of books that have been out for quite a while now.  In preparation for the final installment of the series, she finally convinced me to read the first book of the series just to prove that she wasn’t crazy, and to prove to me that it really was as amazing as she had been claiming for so long.  With reluctance, I borrowed the first book, and thus began my downward spiral into “Twilight” oblivion.

I remember when Jayme first started telling me all about “Twilight” and how wonderful it was, but I never really had any interest.  A mortal who falls in love with a vampire?  A vampire that doesn’t kill humans?  Blah blah blah.  Not interested, but thanks.  Looking back now, I’m not sure how Jayme didn’t kick me in my shin and tell me to suck it up and just give it a try.  My shins thank her for that restraint.

Suffice it to say, I eventually read the book (after Jayme forced it on me by gifting it to me on my birthday) and practically tore through it in a day or two.  It was amazing.  Romantic and sappy to be sure, and definitely targeted at a teenage audience, but it was beyond great.  Stephenie Meyer did a great job on the book, and ended it in such a way that I couldn’t refrain from immediately demanding Jayme let me borrow “New Moon“, the next book in the series.  She did me one better though and bought it for me as a follow-up present.  I thought she was being a good friend – turns out, she was just trying to convert me into yet another “twilighter”.  Damn you Jayme.  Damn your evil genius.  “New Moon” was a little bit of a slower read, and I agree with the massive amounts of “Twilight” series addicts who claim it’s their least favorite.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good book, it just tends to have elements that drag on and on and left me wondering…was I ever as whiny as Bella?

I attempted to finish the 3rd book, “Eclipse“, before August 2nd release of the final book, but I just didn’t have the time.  It was at this time that I started to realize how involved I was in the books and the entire “Twilight” phenomenon.  It’s almost impossible not to have heard of it by now, especially since there is a movie being made, due to be in theaters November 21st.  At the 2008 Comic-Con this year, the fans of Twilight far outnumbered those attending in support of even the new Star Wars movie.  The questionnaire panel had the author of the books, director of the movie, and quite a few members of the cast.  Over 6000 crazy screaming fans crushed themselves into the auditorium to attend the session and show their obsessive love for the series.

I finished the final book, “Breaking Dawn” a couple weeks ago and refuse to spoil the ending by sharing any real opinions.  I can now readily admit that this series is now one of my favorites, and will eventually reside in my personal library for frequent re-reads.  Part of me wishes I’d started reading earlier, but for the most part I’m glad I waited until the final book came out.  It would’ve been torture to have to wait for the last book to come out after finishing book 3.

What amuses me most is how far spread this addiction has gone, and how much of it is my own doing.  Since I started reading them, I found out my cousin has already read them all numerous times, and after hearing her talk about it for so long only to start hearing me ramble as well, her daughter joined in on the fun.  After I finished the books, I passed them on my friend’s wife and she’s practically devoured them as well.  I’ve also had my step-mom read them and found out two other cousins are reading them while simultaneously talking about them enough to convince their dad that he should read them as well.  I got a coworker to start reading, and an aunt who’s considering reading, and I’m still nudging my mom in that direction as well.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I am a member on a prominent website that discusses rumors related to Apple, and when I realized the forum didn’t have a single reference to the Twilight series, I started my own thread and tried to inspire conversation.  It failed miserably, and what’s worse is that I was actually sad that nobody else really shared my love of the books.  I think this has gone too far.

Hi.  My name is James Dean, and I’m addicted to all things Twilight.  I’m the worst kind of junkie – I not only enjoy my addiction, but I do everything possible to addict others.